There are seven stages in the life of a commercial real estate asset. An all-in-one solution, Pereview offers extraordinary value at each stage of the asset lifecycle.

Pereview Software by Saxony Partners is the only commercial real estate asset management software that covers the entire Life of the Asset®, from acquisition to disposition.

Firms that use Pereview to manage their real estate assets reap benefits at each stage of the asset lifecycle – not just at key stages like underwriting, for example. Let’s examine Pereview’s value at each stop along the Life of the Asset®.

How Pereview Impacts Each Stage of the Asset Lifecycle

1. Acquisitions

First, Pereview supports all property types – from retail and multifamily to industrial, land, equity and debt transactions. So, no matter what property type you acquire, you can manage it in Pereview. Second, Pereview automates your weekly deal pipeline reports, making transaction information readily available.

2. Underwriting

The Pereview Integration layer connects your Excel model to the Pereview database, centralizing your underwriting assumptions. Once this information is stored in Pereview, reporting on underwriting projections versus actual performance is as easy as clicking a button.

3. Financing

If you’re going to track the status of a transaction, you should also track the financing associated with that transaction. Pereview supports acquisition financing, refinancing, fund-level debt and other financing instruments that are important to your organization.

4. Closing

Pereview utilizes configurable workflows and closing checklists to automate key closing activities.

5. Asset Management

Pereview brings together all of the information and data that asset managers need to do their job. The software incorporates property accounting information, tenant and lease data, budgets, valuations, and much more into a central location. As a result, reporting takes moments, not days.

6. Fund/Portfolio Management

Pereview provides instant access to gross market value, net equity positions, total portfolio LTV, debt service coverage ratio, geographic dispersion of assets, and much more.

7. Disposition

When it comes time to harvest the investment, Pereview provides the capabilities to track the disposition pipeline, easily transmit key documents to potential buyers to support their underwriting process, and provide a smooth transition to closing.

Pereview: The Life of the Asset® Solution

Want to reap the benefits of your software solution for the entire asset lifecycle, from acquisition all the way to disposition? Let’s talk about how your firm can utilize Pereview to manage all of your commercial real estate assets.

Pereview Software is the only software solution you need. It integrates siloed systems and processes, allows for push-button reporting, creates a single source of truth, and establishes standard workflows and guidelines for asset and data management.

Put the Pereview team to work for your firm today.