Pereview is the only software solution you need to manage commercial real estate assets, covering every lifecycle stage from acquisition to disposition. Having an all-in-one solution makes work easier, reduces risk, and allows you to grow AUM without growing headcount.

Pereview Software by Saxony Partners is the only commercial real estate asset management software that covers the entire Life of the Asset®. But, what do we mean by Life of the Asset®? Let’s break it down.

There are more than a few variations on the stages of the asset lifecycle. Here’s how we define those stages at Pereview:

1. Acquisition

2. Underwriting

3. Financing

4. Closing

5. Asset Management

6. Fund/Portfolio Management

7. Disposition

The Life of the Asset Solution

By “Life of the Asset® solution,” we simply mean that Pereview is equipped to optimally manage your asset regardless of where it lives within that continuum. It’s a complete asset toolkit.

The value is self-explanatory. It’s incredibly frustrating to invest in software you later discover is inadequate to the task at hand – like opening a toolbox and discovering you don’t have the one tool you need to complete a job. There’s no such frustration with Pereview – everything you need is in one place.

More than just the entire Life of the Asset®, Pereview also supports a rich variety of property types. Using Pereview, you can manage land, self-storage, student housing, senior housing, hotel, retail, industrial, office, and multifamily properties. You also enjoy the flexibility to incorporate even more property types, based on your needs.

Is Pereview Right for You?

So, how can you reap the benefits of a complete Life of the Asset® solution that integrates all of your data into one place? Let’s talk about how Pereview can improve data integrity and accuracy, save you time and money, and help you grow assets-under-management without boosting headcount.

Pereview is the software solution for real estate asset management. It integrates disparate systems and processes, allows for push-button reporting, creates a single source of truth, and creates standard processes and guidelines for asset and data management. Put it to work for your firm today.