Pereview Software by Saxony Partners announces Pegasus, a new offering designed to serve the unique needs of global, top-tier real estate investment management companies.

Pegasus is a fully customizable version of Pereview, which is the first and only software solution to manage the entire Life of the Asset™. It was created with global real estate investment companies in mind. These companies need technology solutions that align and conform with their preferred business practices, not the other way around.

“These global firms should not have to change the way they do business to adapt to technology,” said Jeff Wilson, CEO and Founder of Saxony Partners and Pereview Software. “Rather, good technology should support your unique business approach.”

The fastest-growing firm of its kind, Pereview was built by real estate professionals for the real estate investment management community. It supports front office business functions and tracks data from acquisitions to dispositions, from the fund level to the tenant level.

Pegasus is the only solution that enables investment management firms to create a strategic advantage through technology without having to build a custom platform from scratch, saving them the exorbitant costs (time and money) associated with building these platforms.

“You begin with the existing 80 to 90 percent functionality that Pereview offers in its standard format, then you have the ability to go all the way to 100 percent in the form of complete customization,” said Daryl Pitts, Senior Vice President of Sales for Pereview. “With Pegasus, you will get value from your technology investment quicker, and you’ll be able to leverage your data more effectively.”

As part of the Pereview Pegasus package, clients will get a 100 percent dedicated support team devoted solely to their company. This is a support team made up of real estate industry and technology professionals that understands global real estate clients’ proprietary business needs.
In addition, Pereview is compliant with all domestic and global data laws and regulations, such as California’s new CCPA and the European Union’s GDPR.

To inquire about Pegasus, or to arrange for a demo of Pegasus or Pereview, please click here to contact Daryl Pitts.