October 15, 2015 – Pereview Software launched to the global real estate investment marketplace in January 2015. Pereview Software is an enterprise-scale, based on Microsoft Azure, that provides real estate investment firms with increased efficiency, reduced operational and reputational risk, and improved investor transparency and reporting. Pereview consolidates key investment data and documents across the Life of the Asset, including Acquisitions, Underwriting, Financing, Closing, Asset Management, Fund Management, Investment Management, and Dispositions.

“We performed an exhaustive search of the cloud provider, and given the fact we are completely built in and powered by Azure, made it an easy decision for us. Pereview will take advantage of the Azure Infrastructure as a Service to provide our platform to the real estate investment community. We are excited about our relationship with Microsoft Corp.,” stated Jeff Wilson, founder and CEO of Pereview Software.

“We are excited to have Pereview as a client on Azure,” said Nicole Herskowitz, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Microsoft Azure. “Their forward thinking innovation has the ability to improve the way real estate companies do business, and we look forward to supporting their future growth and performance.”

Pereview Software, launched in 2015, is the only cloud-based real estate investment software that covers the entire Life of the Asset. The software was developed by Saxony Partners, a Dallas-based company offering strategic advisory services, business process optimization, and technology solutions for real estate and financial services organizations.

About Pereview Software™: Pereview Software is a cloud-based Life of the Asset platform, built specifically for the real estate investment professional that enables firms to increase operational efficiency, reduce reputational risk, and automate core manual processes. Pereview is the only software solution that covers the Life of the Asset, including acquisitions, underwriting, financing, closing, asset management, fund management, and dispositions. Learn more at www.pereviewsoftware.com.