Singerman Real Estate, LLC, an opportunistic real estate investment firm, has chosen Pereview Software by Saxony Partners to support their growing portfolio of office, retail, industrial, hotel, multi-family, and senior housing assets.

Saxony Partners is a leading management and digital consulting firm to the real estate industry.

“After spending a few years on another portfolio asset management tool, we needed greater ability to generate more dynamic financial and operational reports,” said Charlie Kellogg, chief financial officer at Singerman. “We needed to aggregate all our data from acquisitions to dispositions into one platform for greater internal efficiencies and timeliness for our internal stakeholders and investors.”

“Pereview will allow us to continue to scale our portfolio from a reporting perspective, since all of our business units will leverage one platform for a single source of the truth across all of our underlying systems.”

Kellogg said Singerman will leverage Pereview’s unique ability to connect critical valuation and underwriting Excel spreadsheets and models to the Pereview database to further automate reporting company-wide – increasing efficiency overall.

“We are honored to have Singerman Real Estate join our growing family of industry-leading clients” said Jeff Wilson, founder and CEO of Saxony Partners. “They will benefit from our unique ability, more than any other product in the real estate software space today, to manage all of their data from the lease, to the fund, to the investor.”

Pereview allows all business teams internally to connect their disparate software tools, making Pereview a data warehouse for success. Its powerful reporting engine allows companies to spend more time using data for analysis and decision-making, instead of wasting time hunting for hard-to-find data.

Kellogg praised Pereview software’s ability to work for Singerman, allowing for asset and portfolio growth, without the associated head count growth required prior to implementation. This efficiency alone will allow Pereview to become a valuable member of the Singerman growth strategy.