There are innumerable benefits to having all of your data in one place. Reporting is easier and more accurate. Operational and reputational risks are reduced. Dirty data becomes a thing of the past. Efficiencies and AUM increase.

Here’s what you get when you adopt Pereview, the all-your-data-in-one-place, Life of the Asset® solution for commercial real estate asset management.

Pereview by Saxony Partners is the only real estate asset management software that covers the entire Life of the Asset – meaning that, from acquisition all the way through to disposition, Pereview adeptly manages every facet of your asset.

There’s obvious value in having an all-in-one solution – particularly when you’re talking about managing assets worth millions, even billions of dollars. Let’s take a closer look at what you get when you adopt a comprehensive, Life of the Asset™ solution.

Having All of Your Data in One Place with Pereview

A LOTA Value

There are seven stages across the Life of the Asset® – each with its own proprietary agenda and processes. Pereview manages the minutiae for each of these stages, including the very critical underwriting stage.

In fact, Life of the Asset® is so deeply associated with the Pereview brand that we decided to trademark the phrase in 2019.

Data with Benefits

Pereview consolidates all of your underwriting assumptions, acquisition information, asset management data and notes, budget, actuals, and leasing information into one easily accessible platform.  Chicago’s Singerman Real Estate  and Philly’s LEM Capital  recently switched to Pereview from another real estate asset management software platform. They are now enjoying the benefits that come from having all of your data in one place – namely enhanced reporting capabilities and improved data security.

There’s a reason that Amazon is the most fussed-over retailer in the country – because you can buy paper towels, paper lanterns, and Joe David Brown’s novel “Paper Moon” in just a few clicks and swipes. All-in-one is all right.

Curious to know the benefits to having all your data in one place? Let’s start with these three.

Reporting Becomes a Breeze

Automation is the key to turning reporting from a days-long chore to a push-button task. When asset management firms are fully automated throughout the entire lifecycle of the asset, reporting becomes quicker and more accurate.

Real estate reporting stinks. It’s time-consuming and often requires input from several employees across your organization. Often, this is because you’ve got critical data strewn across multiple spreadsheets and multiple computers. Monthly reporting becomes a big puzzle that has to be assembled and reassembled 12 times a year.

Because all of your data is in one place, Pereview clients can execute reports in a couple of keystrokes. We’ve had clients tell us that they’ve saved 90 percent of time spent on regular and repeatable reporting once they implemented Pereview.

Streamlining Saves Money

A Single Source of Truth for your data, automation, push-button reporting – these benefits fall under the general category of streamlining.

No one in the history of business has ever stood atop a desk and declared, “I want a bloated, inefficient organization that requires everyone to jump through endless hoops in order to execute the most basic tasks!” Quite the opposite – everyone wants a streamlined operation. We want fewer steps, better efficiency, lower costs, working smarter and not harder.

A Life of the Asset® solution delivers all of this and more. You save time on reporting. You benefit from having everything in one secure place. Pereview also supports all of your front-office business processes. It also allows you to easily track actuals to underwriting and business plans. It’s truly an all-in-one solution.

AUM Grows While Headcount Does Not

For a lot of firms, asset growth is a double-edged sword. If you have to hire new staff to manage the growth, then your bottom line never budges. This is where Pereview really impacts your bottom line. Automation, streamlining, push-button reporting – this helps you do more with less. You can grow assets under management without growing headcount.

Data Drives Decisions

Imagine how much more you could do if you could do more with your data? Data is the currency of the 21st century; leveraging data to drive decision-making is the goal for 21st-century companies. But how do you take raw data and turn it into something insightful? The process starts with getting all of your data into one place – a Single Source of Truth. From there you can run reports and employ analytics tools that you can use to drive business decisions going forward.

All the Excel Without the Hell

Most commercial real estate firms rely on Excel to manage their critical data, which  increases inefficiency and risk. Spreadsheets are error-prone, not secure, and time-consuming to manage – there’s a reason they call it Excel Hell. Nevertheless, CRE companies continue to store their data in Excel – not because Excel is a great place to store data, but because it’s the industry standard for modeling data.

Pereview Software takes the substantial modeling power of Excel and combines it with the security and automation that only we can provide. Your data is safer and more accurate – and your  underwriting, valuation, portfolio/fund, and waterfall models  more dynamic. With Pereview, you can use your trusted Excel models – or you can have the Pereview team create them for you. Our platform allows for auto-downloading of data into your models with one click, giving you unprecedented control over your data.

Keep All of Your Data in One Place with Pereview

By adopting a Life of the Asset® solution, you’ll reap all of the benefits at every stage of the lifecycle, from acquisition all the way to disposition. Let’s talk about how your firm can utilize Pereview to manage all of your commercial real estate assets.