Clean data, system integration, easy reporting – these are just three of the many benefits of having all your data in one place. Pereview is the only Life of the Asset® solution for commercial real estate asset management – an all-in-one solution.

One of the perks of a Life of the Asset® is that you can finally corral all the data related to your real estate assets into one secure, easily accessible location.

Pereview integrates with the existing software in your firm’s ecosystem and aggregates all of your data in one place. No matter what stage your real estate asset is in – from acquisition to disposition – Pereview has the tools you need to manage it effectively.

Let’s dive into the value you get from choosing an all-in-one solution like Pereview Software to manage your commercial real estate assets. Here are three immediate benefits your firm will enjoy.

3 Benefits to Having All Your Data in One Place

Clean Data (That stays clean!)

Let’s talk about dirty data. Dirty data is data that’s incomplete, inaccurate, or miscategorized. It can be a serious liability for commercial real estate firms, increasing costs, risks, and employee headcounts.

By aggregating your data into one Single Source of Truth and automating business processes, dirty data can be more easily identified and “cleaned.” Pereview’s robust data integrity and governance guardrails ensure that this data stays clean going forward.

What are the benefits of clean data? Headcount no longer increases with assets under management. Deals are evaluated more quickly and accurately. You save time on regular reporting.

Simplified Reporting

If you’re one of the 75 percent of commercial real estate firms using Excel as your primary database, then regular reporting is likely a big chore. A time-consuming, resource-guzzling, costly chore.

One of the most noticeable benefits to having all your data in one place is easier reporting. You can flip the script on reporting by (1) getting your data into one Single Source of Truth and, (2) automating as much of the process as you can. This is, of course, exactly what you get when you onboard Pereview as your asset management solution.

Because all of your data is in one place, Pereview clients can execute reports in a couple of keystrokes. We’ve had clients tell us that they’ve saved 90 percent of time spent on regular and repeatable reporting

Siloes Busted and Risks Averted

Not to pick too much on Excel, but because it’s so ubiquitous and easy-to-use, it facilitates data siloes. An employee intentionally or unintentionally makes a copy of a spreadsheet, stores it on his or her desktop, and forgets to make redundant updates to the original document. That’s now siloed data. It’s a common way for data to get dirty.

Dirty data increases your firm’s reputational risk, as nothing obliterates your credibility quite like reporting faulty numbers. Depending on the nature of your company, the government might have an issue with your reporting, as well.

Siloes also introduce an element of what they call key person risk – the thing that happens when one employee has the master key to your data warehouse, and then leaves or gets hit by a bus or something.

When you switch to Pereview, our team will begin the onboarding process with a thorough business process review. During this phase, we’ll identify and breakdown siloed data and processes. This effort will shine a light on stores of dirty data, allowing them to be cleaned. It will also establish a Single Source of Truth and provide data access to more than just one key gatekeeper.

Experience the Benefits of Having All Your Data in One Place with Pereview

Concerned about dirty data, data siloes, or the risks associated with a lack of data governance and/or strategy? Let’s talk about how your firm can utilize Pereview to manage all of your commercial real estate assets.

Pereview Software is the only software solution you need. It integrates siloed systems and processes, allows for push-button reporting, creates a single source of truth, and establishes standard workflows and guidelines for asset and data management. Put the Pereview team to work for your firm today.